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Collin County Child Abuse Attorney | Allegations of Abuse During Divorce

Kathy Jane Erickson, P.C.

Accusing one’s soon to be ex-spouse of child abuse in Collin County has increased significantly in the last few years.  Whether the allegations are truthful or an ill-advised tactic to gain an advantage in a divorce suit, the impact on the accused partner can be devastating.  No charge is more serious to make, and none is more important to defend against.

If you are the parent claiming child abuse has occurred, a lawyer will certainly be needed to inform you on specifics of Texas  laws, and, to guide you through a trying and somewhat complex process involving expert therapists and court hearings.

Education as a family law attorney does not necessarily provide the background needed to competently handle a family law or divorce case involving child abuse.  If you are accused of child abuse in Collin County and have a pending family law or divorce case, you need an attorney who has a background in criminal child abuse and experience handling child abuse issues in family law and divorce cases.

Collin County Child Abuse Attorney Kathy Jane Erickson brings extensive Criminal Law trial experience to her practice of Family Law in Collin County.  As a former Florida Assistant State Attorney and Special Prosecutor for Child Abuse – Sex Crimes Unit, Attorney Erickson is exceptionally well equipped to see her clients through these especially difficult divorce cases.

Take action immediately if you are accused of child abuse in Collin County, or if you uncover abuse of a child.  To contact us quickly. Click Here Then Enter Your Phone Number.  You will immediately be connected to us.

Collin County Child Abuse Attorney Kathy Jane Erickson is committed to the best possible outcomes for her clients. More than twenty years of experience in Divorce, Family Law, Criminal Law, Domestic Violence, and extensive successful litigation show Kathy to be capable of and committed to seeing her clients through difficult times.