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For Kids’ Sake…

Divorce is a painful and confusing experience for all children. For Kids’ Sake seminars are designed to help parents gain insight into the needs of their children for both the short and long term transitions of divorce. For Kids’ Sake provides parents with the knowledge and skills to safely nurture their children through this process.

For Kids’ Sake does not deal with personal or legal issues; it is not a substitute for counseling. The overwhelming majority of parents who have participated in For Kids’ Sake have felt that it is a very supportive and worthwhile experience. DOWNLOAD 2011 For Kids Sake Seminar Brochure

Kids in the Crossfire” is a short video designed to  emphasize the impact of parents’ behavior during divorce. Through dramatizations and interviews with children, parents, judges, and counselors who have been impacted by divorce or work in the family law field, the video gives parents a road map of behaviors to avoid and suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children.

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A Kid’s Guide To Shared Family Time
provided by the Attorney General of Texas Child Support Division.

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